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     Sherri and John Glass started in Airedales quite by accident. John was working as a police officer and wanted to find a dog suitable for drug detection work. His department was small and budgets tight so he had to purchase his own dog. We were very lucky when an Airedale breeder so graciously donated an Airedale for this work. It was love at first sight and no turning back! In the mean time John was able to acquire a started detection lab Corky. Corky was his partner for over 14 years. We did train our Airedale Bo in drug detection as a back up dog. Bo was the first and only Airedale to be certified in the state for Narcotic Detection. Sherri, very interested in Search and Rescue, trained Bo for this work also. You could say the Airedale bug bit them. You just can’t have one! Nowadays you will find 6 or 7 Airedales in residence at the Glass household.

Our personal Airedales have done Drug Detection, SAR, Cadaver Detection, AKC Obedience, ACK Conformation, Rally Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Upland Bird Hunting, Raccoon Hunting, and most importantly the job of being best buddy and protector.

John is now our county dog warden. He has so gone to the dogs! Sherri owns The Groomer’s Corner, a state of the art pet-styling salon. She is a International Certified Groomer, Member IPG, Member of the Hunting & Working Airedales INC, Member of The Airedale Club of America, and Members of St Paul’s Lutheran Church.

We have been breeding Airedales for 10 years. We still look for the best conformation and temperament in our dogs. We enjoy raising puppies and watching grow into wonderful companions. The best is yet to come!!

Sherri Glass ICMG

Stillwaters Airedales

Clyde, Ohio

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